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Memo from the Edit Desk: On Our Style

Shooting style can be one of the toughest things to pin down. It takes years to develop one's style and craft to the point where it becomes a natural extension of one's self. The best way to understand our style and evaluate if it is the right fit for your wedding is to check out our latest work. It can also be helpful, however, to know our mindset as we put your film together.

We call our style a fusion of Cinematic Grace with Journalistic Truth. In this post, I hope to better explain what those values mean to us, what it means for your wedding day, and how it impacts your final film.

Cinematic Grace

We're classically trained cinematographers. We look for inspiration in time tested cinematic traditions. We stay away from fads that may quickly become dated. We value natural light, carefully consider lens choice, and emphasise clean composition and camera movement.

We love taking advantage of the Texas sun and the intense color and shading we can find outdoors. And so many venues in the area take advantage of the sun with big glass windows. For those that don't, our cameras and us are prepared to handle it.

All of our cameras use Super 35 size sensors. This is the same size sensor that the majority of major films are shot on, and is many times larger than the typical 1/3" to 2/3" size sensors of traditional video cameras. The reason we do this? The first is that it allows us to shoot in much lower light environments than ever before possible, as the larger sensor can see in the dark much better with much less noise, which is absolutely critical for darker environments. Secondly, we're offered much more creative control over the picture. We have the ability to control how much of the shot is in focus to best communicate the action of the frame. We can compose our shots with less distraction.

By focusing on time tested cinematic techniques, we want to ensure that your film won't be dated or marked by fads in the wedding videographer industry come and go. 

Journalistic Truth

The most important parts of a wedding day are typically quick moments. These moments together form the story of your wedding day. We aren't here to be the story or invent one, but to tell yours faithfully and truthfully.

We have to be quick and nimble to gather the footage we need. We want to cover the main event as well as reactions. Surrounding your wedding day are the perspectives of your family, friends. We're here to cover each thread as it is woven into the fabric of your wedding day.

We specifically seek out cameras with a small form factor, so we can get anywhere without being obtrusive. We choose cameras and set ups that we can quickly grab and start using because, while there is plenty of time to set up for the major events, the sincere moments throughout the day are often unannounced. 

Audio is the single most clear storyteller in your wedding day. We take the responsibility to capture clear and clean audio seriously by ensuring redundancy at the most crucial moments. Whenever possible, we like to start by mic'ing everyone with a speaking room on your wedding day. We also place location mics around the venue to capture strings and other natural sounds. Lastly, we use dedicated audio recorders to get a clean feed from the church, venue, band or DJ's equipment.

Grace & Truth

By starting our films on the foundations of Cinematic Beauty and Journalistic Truth, we can build the timeless wedding films that we've come to love. Films that use the truth, love and passion of your wedding day to evoke emotion, tell your story, and inspire others.