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Ask a Videographer: What is working with photographers like?

One of the most frequent questions we're asked is if we've ever had any issues working with photographers. Both your videographer and photographer will be working hard to capture the most cherished moments and memorable events of the day. There's plenty of room for miscommunication and tension, the very last things anyone wants to be part of their wedding day!

Thankfully the wedding industry here in Austin is professional and on their game. We've never had an issue with a photographer (or any other vendor for that matter!). The success we've found with other vendors isn't some sort of happy accident however, but is the product of thoughtful communication and careful consideration.

Thoughtful communication and careful consideration with photographers helps us make films like this.

Thoughtful Communication

Before each wedding day, while we're working with you to see your dreams for your wedding film realized and learning all the details that will make the day yours, we're also in communication with all of your other vendors. We reach out to your photographer to introduce ourselves (if we don't already have a relationship that is!), ask about their plan for the day, share some info about us, and get the ball rolling on prep for your wedding day.

Careful Consideration

Through basic consideration for one another, it's easy to build off each other to create even better photographs and films. Photographers and videographers also tend to focus on different parts of the wedding day which specifically play into their respective medium, and can smoothly coordinate together to help each other. For the major events that take place during your ceremony and reception, a quick moment to make a game plan goes a long way to ensure everyone gets what they need.

Working with professionals can make all the difference on your wedding day.

Some of the Best

Ultimately, when the family, friends, photographer, videographer, DJ, the venue staff, and everyone else are on the same page with a singular vision to see that the bride and groom can have the best and most stress free day possible to begin the lifelong adventure of marriage, magic happens. We're all here not to make ourselves look good but support the common vision.

We've found that a little thoughtful communication and careful consideration up front goes a long way on the wedding day. Beyond that, we've found not just coworkers but friends in photographers through shooting towards a common vision.

There is no shortage of unbelievably talented photographers in Austin. Want to know some of our faves in both style and ability to work with? These photographers are also all more importantly the kind of people that you want to be around you on your wedding day: full of sincere energy and care. Check this list below: